Are you planning to retire soon? If so, this service is perfect for you. I work with clients to look beyond the basics when planning the next stage of their life journey. While aging is inevitable, aging well is up to you.

I encourage my clients to think about what they want to be like as an older person because the truth is, good health doesn't come naturally or without effort. Especially as we move into the middle and later years of our lives, we must make the choice between actively pursuing wellness or passively slipping into cognitive and physical decline. 

We tend to separate out the brain from the rest of the body in terms of "being healthy" but what we tend to forget is that our brains are not distinct from the rest of our body in terms of what makes it healthy or unhealthy. When we eat well, exercise, manage stress, and have positive psychosocial interactions, we are positively impacting the functioning of our brains just as much as the rest of our body. Conversely, when we eat poorly, don't exercise or effectively manage stress and lack positive psychosocial interactions, our brains suffer at least as much as the rest of our body.

By choosing to take charge of your whole body health and wellness, especially your cognitive health, you vastly increase your chances of gliding into your Golden Years still doing the things you enjoy doing...with the people you enjoy doing them with.

Integrative wellness and life coaching is a holistic approach that seeks to bring all four areas of "self" into balance. All four of these body systems are interconnected and affect one another. 

  • When the mental system is in balance, we have harmony in our thought life and thought patterns.

  • When the emotional system is in balance, we experience freedom from negative emotions of the past. We are able to give and receive love. We have a rapport with the unconscious mind. And we are able to process and release emotions in a healthy way.

  • When the physical system is in balance, we experience physical health and we have the things in life that we want to have.

  • When the spiritual system is in balance, we are aligned with our purpose in life. We experience self-development. We practice and experience the connection to our higher self, God, higher consciousness, higher power, energy or whatever you choose to define it as.

Wellness is an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. As we move through seasons of life, we see that wellness is an ever-moving target. As an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, I will empower you to move towards balance and wholeness, to take action steps to achieve your goals. My role is to support you in your own self-discovery process by providing information, resources, tools and techniques. 


Sat on the Rocks


Perfect for people looking to make progress quickly

Includes Client intake session, 4 follow-up coaching sessions, and a personalized Wellness Action Plan. All coaching sessions must be completed within one week or one month, depending on client preference.


Perfect for people looking for in-depth, extensive change

Includes Client intake session, 4 coaching sessions per month, 4 touch base (phone/email) per month and an individualized Wellness Action Plan.

Wandering Traveler
Wheat Field


Perfect for those with an independent streak

Includes Client intake session, 2 follow-up coaching sessions, and a personalized Wellness Action Plan. The rest of the work is done on your own, with the option to schedule additional follow-up sessions as needed.


Twelve-month coaching commitment for radical, lasting change

Includes Client intake session, Breakthrough plan, 4 individual coaching sessions per month x 12 months, 4 touch base (phone/email) per month x 12 months, and a personalized Wellness Action Plan.


VitaV Wellness In Aging

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